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The healthcare environment is continually changing. With declining claim reimbursements, constantly changing insurance rules, and mounting claim rejections, healthcare providers are feeling the squeeze. As a healthcare provider, you must effectively navigate these complex systems in order to collect payment for services you have already provided.

It is cost prohibitive for many healthcare practices to purchase sophisticated medical claims processing systems. Without the latest technology and savvy medical billing professionals, it is difficult to manage the quantity of denied, partially paid, and rejected claims. In fact, the time and resources required to analyze, modify or recreate, and resubmit these medical claims is overwhelming.

Outsourcing to Hyperion means you can feel comfortable and confident that our team of experts will help you maximize your revenues at a fraction of the cost of doing it internally. Moreover, outsourcing allows you to eliminate the stress and time spent training billing staff, managing billing staff turnover and paying related overhead.

At Hyperion, experienced and meticulous professionals analyze, process, and manage each step of the billing process. We maintain strict protection of all PHI (Personal Health Information) and meet all HIPAA compliance regulations.

Hyperion utilizes advanced, proprietary technology, giving healthcare providers access to the best software and internal systems available. These internal systems allow us to provide the most accurate billing and most comprehensive analysis while reducing the rate of human error.

Combining the most innovative technology with certified, experienced and talented staff members, Hyperion provides the ideal mix to process and manage medical billing with accuracy, efficiency and transparency.