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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services offered?
Our services include auditing and reporting, collections, billing, insurance verification, and utilization review. To learn more please visit our services section. learn more »
Will it be cost effective?
Medical billing rules and regulations are constantly changing, requiring physicians and administrators to spend time and money on continuing education, software, or staff training to stay current, having a direct impact on the cash flow and profits of a practice. It also eliminates managing billing staff turnover, and ultimately paying related overhead.
How do I know what is going on with my practice if I outsource?
Hyperion provides transparency through numerous monthly reports allowing healthcare providers to easily review their billing operations. If desired, we can also create customized reports to meet your individual needs.
What kind of support service can I expect?
Hyperion provides one on one support from the Senior Account Executive and Supervisory Team members to answer any questions your practice may have. Training sessions are also provided to acquaint your practice with our processes and ensure a seamless transition.
How can I make sure my data is fully protected?
We maintain strict protection of all PHI (Personal Health Information) and meet all HIPPAA compliance regulations.
I have outsourced before, what makes Hyperion different than other medical billing companies?
At Hyperion we don’t just submit your claims, we fight for every dollar you deserve. We consistently exceed industry standards for reimbursement rates. You can count on experienced collection professionals who are persistent in their approach to obtain proper payment for unpaid or partially paid claims. Other billing companies only execute primary billing and do not follow up on secondary billing. Transparency is another quality that sets us apart. As your medical billing partner, we provide detailed reports in an effort to ensure transparency.
I currently don’t accept insurance, why should I?
If you do not currently accept insurance and rely solely on private payment, not only are you turning away patients you could otherwise take, you could also be costing your patients unnecessary out of pocket expenses.

Hyperion will ensure that you are paid well for your services and your patients save as much money as possible.
I’ve heard accepting insurance is a hassle, how will you simplify this for me?
Hyperion will become a true partner in your business taking all of the hassle out of accepting insurance. Simply fill out our welcome packet, and our highly skilled staff will take care of the arduous process of NPI registration, credentialing, EFT enrollment (if desired), and contract negotiation (if necessary).

From there, we will provide in-depth trainings with your staff to ensure all information flows seamlessly throughout the billing process.
I have medical billing personnel, why should I consider outsourcing?
Professional Diversification: Though you may have an effective in-house staff, your entire billing process lies in the hands of a small group of people, leaving all of the risk in their hands. With Hyperion, you will have an expansive team of trained professionals to rely on, and our stringent hiring standards ensure that you have the very best in the field working on your claims.

Effectiveness: Hyperion consistently exceeds industry standards for accuracy of verifications, timely claim submission, quantity of days authorized, and reimbursement percentage.

Cost: Having an internal billing department means having high, fixed overhead costs, payroll taxes, management needs, and administrative expenses. These costs remain the same despite changes in revenue.

Accuracy: By partnering with our experienced staff, you will minimize the chance of errors. It is also an effortless way to remain compliant with industry regulations.

Staff: In such a specialized field, finding experienced and efficient staff can be a challenge. By accessing our team of professionals, you can rest assured that you have the best team in the country fighting to get you paid for your hard work.

Office Space: With Hyperion as your partner, the economy of office space can be rewarding by allowing additional space for the primary functions of your practice.

How long are your contracts?
A unique feature of a Hyperion Service Agreements is that we do not have a defined term of service. It is our belief that the best way to retain a customer is not by locking them into a contract, but by providing truly exceptional service.