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Like all businesses, healthcare providers need to protect their assets. And when accounts receivable is one of the key assets in a medical practice, taking care of it is paramount. As a result, the collections component is a fundamental part of the medical billing process and begins with payment posting, claim tracking, and continues with denial management, collections and accounts receivable analysis.

Payment Posting
Claim Tracking
Denial Management
Accounts Receivable (A/R) Analysis
Often, healthcare providers submit "clean" and accurate insurance claims, expecting to receive appropriate payment from payers. However, with the constant changes and complexity of insurance company rules and regulations, many claims remain unpaid.

At Hyperion, you can count on experienced collection professionals who are persistent in their approach to obtain proper payment for unpaid or partially paid claims. Our skilled staff members understand how payers function and how to most efficiently work with their payer’s staff to obtain appropriate payments.

Hyperion excels in managing and appealing denied claims. Working with the newest technology, our professionals are able to identify and analyze denied claims, and efficiently pull together key support information for resubmission. And our efforts don't end there. We are consistently following up on these and all submissions to ensure payment is received quickly and accurately.

Uniting the latest technology with strong internal controls and persistent staff members allows Hyperion to provide unparalleled collection services.

Hyperion's Comprehensive Collections Process Will:

• Maximize reimbursement for your services
• Decrease collections cycle time
• Reduce collections related costs
• Increase cash flow