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Once Eligibility Verification and Utilization Review are completed, the billing process begins. The billing process consists of a number of functions including medical coding, charge uploads, claim reviews, claim submission, claim resubmission, appeal submission, and payment posting. Throughout the billing and claims processing, Hyperion maintains strict protection of all Personal Health Information (PHI) and meets all HIPAA compliance regulations.

At Hyperion, our experienced and meticulous professionals analyze, process, and manage each step of the billing process. Our accredited coders work closely with our proprietary, cutting edge software to ensure billing data is accurate and all claims are "scrubbed" and "clean" prior to electronic submission. This claim review process maximizes the claims collected, reduces time spent resubmitting claims, and decreases collection time.

Medical Coding
Charge Upload
Claims Review
Claims Submission
Claims Resubmission, Appeals
Hyperion provides targeted claims auditing, facilitating streamlined identification of inaccurate, incomplete or partial claims. These thorough audits ensure that claims are reviewed for accuracy, compliance with payer regulations, as well as compliance with all applicable laws.

Implementing an efficient billing process will:

• Increase cash flow
• Decrease collections cycle time
• Reduce collections related costs
• Maximize reimbursement for services