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Auditing & Reporting

Hyperion provides both targeted and random auditing, facilitating streamlined identification of any unpaid or underpaid claims. With the latest technology and our highly skilled team of professionals, Hyperion is able to quickly identify, analyze and follow up on these claims. But perhaps our most coveted skill is our ability to carefully follow payer rules and regulations and persistently follow up with them in order to achieve maximum claim recovery amounts.

Using our innovative technology and strong internal systems, hyperion will:

• Quickly identify and analyze unpaid or underpaid claims
• Expedite claim payment process
• Achieve maximum recovery amounts
Hyperion provides access to the most advanced reporting systems, allowing healthcare providers to quickly and easily review and analyze financial operations, check the status of individual claims, or create customized performance reports. Whether your need is on the macro or micro level, Hyperion’s industry leading software will give you clear insight into your financial operations.

Hyperion's Advanced Reporting Provides:

• Detailed reports uncovering claim reimbursement patterns
• High-level overview of financial performance
• Ability to customize reports at macro or micro level